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File Guidelines for CardStyle Printing

Getting Started - Pre Press Guidelines

File Submission Guidelines v1.2 ADA (3/10/2003)

Digital Prepress Department,
Smart Card Supply.com
PO Box 403 Freeland, WA 98249
800.519.8800 Voice 360.331.4828 Fax

Keytag Dimensions

Standard Card Size - CR-80 3.375w x 2.125h x .0750d

File Submission Guidelines

Electronic Media:
Email to hilde@iqbio.net
Please use WINZIP to reduce the size of the transmission and also to protect the integrity of file.

Preferred Applications
Please contact your customer service representative regarding use of applications and versions not listed below. If you are unsure of the application used to create a file, please contact your customer service representative.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 or earlier
Adobe Illustrator CS3 or earlier

We DO NOT accept images embedded in Microsoft Word or Publisher files, or in PDF files.

We prefer PostScript type for Windows 95/98/NT platforms. If you must use TrueType,
please notify your customer service person so that this can be noted on the job specifications.
TrueType fonts may not output as expected on high-resolution devices as compared to a low-resolution printer you might use for proofing. If you submit files in Adobe Illustrator format, please make sure to turn fonts into outlines prior to submission.

All grayscale and color images should be provided at a minimum resolution of 300dpi. Black & white (line-art) images should be provided at a minimum resolution of 600dpi.

Reduced, enlarged, over- or under-resolution images may not produce the desired results and may cause complications during production.

Images must be supplied in either TIFF, EPS, or JPEG (see note below) format. We can accept AI or PSD files with prior arrangement. You should convert BMP, GIF, and PCX files to one of these formats. Please set the color mode of your files to CMYK, grayscale, or duotone as appropriate.

Note about JPEG images: JPEG compression can cause distortions in your image which may be visible in the final printed product. We are not responsible for image correction to resolve any artifact contained in your images.

Note about BMP/GIF/PCX images: BMP, GIF, and PCX are inappropriate formats for full-color
images. Images that have been saved in any of these formats and later converted to
TIFF/EPS/JPEG format may not produce a high-quality image.

You may supply original, layered Photoshop files to supplement the “final” TIFF and/or EPS images you send. Photoshop files with all layers intact allow us to make alterations to your artwork that might be required to accommodate a printing-process issue you might not be aware of. Please contact our art department for more information about submission of Photoshop files.

Any image you provide must be your own. We cannot use images copyrighted by another entity without a written release from that entity.

Standard Card Size - CR-80 3.375w x 2.125h x .0750d

Magnetic Strip Considerations
If your card has a magnetic stripe and printing near the stripe then you must make allowances in the artwork to account for fact that the position of the magnetic strip will vary slightly from card to card. Artwork that should not normally touch the magnetic strip should be kept back from magnetic stripe edges by at least 0.046875" (3/64th inch) to allow for this variation in position. If your design includes an overall color (a.k.a. a “flood”), or overall image, it can “under-lap” the magnetic stripe without compromising its integrity.

Track 2 (ISO 7811-2) Track 3 (ISO 7811-2)
Minimum Width: 0.25”
Top of Card to Top of Stripe: 0.218” Max.
Top of Card to Bottom of Stripe: 0.468” Min.
Minimum Width: 0.405”
Top of Card to Top of Stripe: 0.218” Max.
Top of Card to Bottom of Stripe: 0.623” Min.
Within the maximum and minimum values given above, the magnetic stripe can vary in width and vertical position and still adhere to the ISO specifications. These specifications take into account the variation that normally occurs during the production process.

Pre-Press Guidelines
Lead Times
1. Dye Sub - Normally 4-5 Business Days
2. Reverse Transfer - Normally 5-10 Business Days
3. Lithographic Press - Normally 4-5 WEEKS

All lead times are dependent upon quantity ordered and subject to change.

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Card Style - 800-519-8800

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