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Earth Friendly Card Stock

Earth Friendly Card Stock

Cardstyle.net is pleased to be able to offer both Recycled Card Stock and Biodegradable Card Stock for most types of printing.

Earth Friendly Recycled Card Stock

Our Recycled Card Stock contain at least 65% post consumer recycled material. Because of the nature of the materials contained in these cards, they are slightly off-white.

Recycled cards are available in standard, HiCo Mag and LoCo Mag.

Earth Friendly Biodegradable Card Stock

Our bright white Biodegradable Card Stock is available in standard and HiCo stock only at this time.  The card material will biodegrade if exposed to water, soil, nutrients and naturally occurring microbes.

Both types of our Earth Friendly Card Stock are durable and produce a finished product of the same high quality as our standard PVC stocks.

Please contact us with any questions at 800-519-8800.


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