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Lithographic Printing Methods

Lithographic Printing Methods
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plastic cardsUsing a traditional printing press and traditional plate printing methods, sheets of PVC are printed and then the finished cards are cut from the sheet using a die cut method.  Cards are printed as many as 36 cards per sheet and the finished product quality can be very tightly controlled.  Because of the efficiency of this process we are able to guarantee a match to a specific spot or process pantone color.

This type of printing is most efficient and economical when printing 10,000 or more of the same cards or multiples of cards in qty's of 5000 or more each.  Pricing for Litho Printing is based upon a minimum order size of 10,000 pieces.  Each piece must have the same design on both the front and the rear of the card. 

Lithographic CardStyle types

Our Lithographic CardStyle types include Keychain Advertising, Hotel Keycards, Casino Cards, Promotional, Club, Bonus and Advertising Cards with integrated and pre-encoded Magnetic Stripes barcodes and even "Smart Chip Cards" (PVC Only). 

PVC Lithographic CardStyle - The PVC CardStyle of Lithographic Printing prints on a standard PVC material. Both sides of the card have a glossy finish and can be printed in up to 4 colors. Additional customization options such as serialization, barcodes, personalization and embossing are available. Please call us at 800-519-8800 for a custom quotation based on your specific needs.

Our CardStyle "Green Business" Pledge - All of our lithographic CardStyles are printed within North America and each of our service bureau locations meets or exceeds local and national environmental and safety laws.  Some over-seas "third world" printers may claim to offer a lower priced card but - beware.  Some if not most of these companies do not follow these strict guidelines and are severely damaging the environment through the release of toxic substances and heavy metals into our planet's ecosystem.  

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