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Custom Printing On Credit Card Size - From 100 Specialty Cards to Millions for Bulk Marketing


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Re Transfer CardStyle Printing

Reverse Transfer Printing

ReTransfer Printing is an amazing technology that allows you to print FULL PHOTO-REALISTIC COLOR, FULL BLEED IMAGES in perfect color without the pitfalls of traditional dye sublimation card printing. 

Durability of Card is substantially improved by bonding the substrate film with the card material.  The ReTransfer process encapsulates the printed image within a bond of extremely durable material and increases the card life substantially.  Additional security overlays may be adhered on top of the bonding film to increase durability and improve security.  Custom secure holographic overlays are available.

Cost savings are seen in the reduced wear and tear on the print heads.  Since the printer is printing on a substrate material (film) that is very thin and strong there is less wear on the print head because there is very little variation in size or texture on the surface area of the film.  Since the film is a standard thickness the print head does not have to move to accommodate thickness variations in the cards.

Consistency of Printing is a result of the process that prints directly on the transfer film. Each print is extremely high quality and there is little variation in the print quality because of the way that the film and ribbons are loaded into the printing chamber.  Once the film has the reverse image embedded, it is then laminated to the PVC material.  In a traditional printer there are several variables that affect the print quality including card size variations, edge smoothness, foreign material on the card surface, ribbon tightness and as the ribbon is used there is a tendency of the ribbons to stretch or move slightly out of alignment.  This is not the case with ReTransfer printing as this process is very tightly controlled. 

Reverse Transfer Printing

  • Single or Double Sided CR-80 Cards

  • 30mil PVC Stock

  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding (HiCo or LoCo)

  • Advertising Keychain Cards

  • White Base Stock

  • Recycled or Biodegradable Stock Available

  • Lead time - 7-10 Days - Inquire about current lead time for this CardStyle.

  • Rush available for additional up-charge

  • $50.00 setup charge per run.

Cost per card for Printing based upon Volume & Colors - Printing 4/1 for as low as 99 Cents Each!


Colors Required per Side - Front / Rear


4(Full Color)/0

4 (Full Color)/1













Add-On Card Features - Cost per Card

  • Add LoCo Mag Stripe - 5 Cents

  • Add HiCo Mag Stripe - 9 Cents

  • Colored Stock - 4 Cents

  • Metallic Stock - 6 Cents

  • Add a secure Holographic Overlay - 2D Genuine Secure - 40 Cents Each

  • Portrait or Landscape Punched Cards - 2 Cents

  • Biodegradable or Recycled Stock - Call for pricing

Add-On Printing & Encoding Features

  • Sequential Numbering - 1 Cent

  • Sequential # & Barcode - 3 Cents

  • Sequential # & Mag Encoding - 5 Cents

  • Sequential #,Enc & Barcode - 7 Cents

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